October 22 / Кyiv, Expocenter of Ukraine
Free Generation Forum is a public forum on the problems of the past, present and, what is more important, future of free Ukraine. Experts from all over the world met to share their views on the topic and talk to those who are able to influence the future of the country — the first free generation that grew up in the former Soviet Union Republic.

Why is the reforming process in Ukraine not as fast as we want it to be? Why is populism dangerous? How to destroy corruption? Is our world becoming a freer place? These and other questions were discussed during Free Generation Forum.
Tom Palmer
Vice President, Atlas Network
Yaron Brook
President, Ayn Rand Institute
Oleksandr Danyliuk
Minister of Finance of Ukraine
Andrei Illarionov
Cato Institute, Senior Fellow
Maria Gaidar
Former Deputy Chairman of the Odesa Administration
David Sakvarelidze
Former Deputy Chief Prosecutor
Vladimir Fedorin
Co-founder, Bendukidze Free Market Center
Denis Gursky
Founder, 1991 Open Data Incubator
Giorgi Vashadze
Founder, Innovation and Development Foundation
Paul Vahur
Co-founder, Mises Institute Estonia
Maryan Zablotskyy
Chairman, Ukrainian Association of Economic Freedom
Anton Yaschenko
CEO, Bendukidze Free Market Center
Ilia Kenigshtein
Co-founder, Creative Quarter
Kirill Martynov
Associate professor of the School of Philosophy HSE

Hlib Vyshlinsky
Director, Center for Economic Strategy
Dan Pasko
Founder, Easy Business
Andriy Brodetskyi
Editor-in-chief, Apparat
Denys Marchuk
Deputy Chairman of the Agrarian Party
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